January 16, 2021 4 min read

Your days may now be filled to the brim with planning learning objectives for your children, maintaining your job, attempting to keep everyone healthy, and still have time for yourself. Or you may be facing days that are structured quite differently than in a pre-COVID19 world with remote working hours followed byNetflix or Amazon Prime binging

Some of the binging on TV can replace grocery shopping or outings with the family, but at some point, you are going to want more. Since you have been sitting on a couch watching TV for hours or in front of your computer doing remote work, now is the time to start concentrating on your health and wellness. There are some beneficial undertakings you can do that keep you safe and provide you with mental and physical wellness activities.

#1 Get Enough Sleep

If there is one thing we try to negotiate during times of stress or anxiety, it is our sleeping schedule. CDC has released a study after study that informs us that a good night's sleeps essential to our overall health. Yet is it the first thing we do not do and ignore when we feel pressured and anxious. 

Sleep provides you with the immunity you need to fight diseases and viruses. It also adapts to whatever our body is telling it through the body's defense system. If you are anywhere between the ages of 18-60 years old, you need at least seven or more hours of sleep per day to maintain your body's best defense mechanisms against illnesses.

#2 Move Around, Walk, Stay Active

It may not seem like sleep and activity go together, but in reality, they work hand-in-hand to keep you healthy. You may not be able to or do not want to go to your local gym, but you can maintain your health by walking or performing other preventative and healthy activities. Grabyourself some inspiring exercise clothes 

that are comfortable and provide the support you need while pushing yourself to your limit.

Aerobics can be done in your home and are incredibly beneficial. You can still practice social distancing while doing at-home aerobics you follow along on TV or listening to your favorite exercise music. You can take walks outside in uncrowded areas anywhere in the outdoors. No matter what type of exercise you select or do each day, it should be done every day to keep yourself active and healthy. 

#3 Nutrition and a Balanced Diet

There are only so many bowls of popcorn one person can eat, and that's why it's so important to try to avoid your emotional eating due to the extra time you have to stay home and worry about how COVID19 is impacting you and your loved ones. That is why it's so essential to eat foods that are rich in the vitamins and nutrients of dark, leafy greens, oranges, tomatoes, and even herbs. Instead of grabbing the popcorn bag at night when you get ready to get into your TV time, reach for some nutritious alternatives and see how much better you feel.

#4 Self-Love and Self-Care

If there was ever a time when you needed to take care of yourself emotionally and physically, your knee-deep in that time right now. The tools you can use to help you andyour children or loved ones reach maximum self-care levels areactivities like meditation, yoga, quality time doing something with your loved ones too. This is a great time to practice activities that develop your self-care and self-love mentality to help keep your body and mind in sync while dealing with COVID19.

#5 Wellness Maintenance Through Connections

Some of us tend to isolate ourselves in times of severe crises or anxieties. Yet it has been proven that staying connected with your loved ones can help keep you healthy and centered. You want to Skype or FaceTime with loved ones; you cannot see and do fun, family activities together with those you can spend time with. No matter what, you must not isolate yourself from those you need most in your life. 

The bottom line is you want to keep your medical appointments and learn some new positive coping mechanisms to help you maintain your overall wellness and health. Now is the time to explore all the ways you can connect with those you love that are not close by and take the opportunity to explore options you can do with loved ones who you can visit or do activities with. 

The Way Forward

Always wear your mask once you leave your home and remember that companionship provides food for the soul. Nothing in life offers us deep feelings of fellowship than being with friends and loved ones. Never forget that most of us experience joy and lightheartedness when we are with those we care about the most. When we are with our loved ones, we laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more.