January 16, 2021 3 min read

It only comes once a year, but every holiday season, Beautiful Black Hills Clothing offers its customers free shipping for any order over $50.00. This year more than ever, you want tolimit any holiday shopping in busy malls or stores amid the COVID19 pandemic.

That’s why Beautiful Blackhills Clothing is offering you free shipping with any $50.00 or more order that fits your holiday shopping needs. December is the gift-giving monthalllllllllllllmonth long. So it’s never too early or too late in December to catch the best holiday deals in clothing, accessories, jewelry, and masks at Beautiful Black Hills Clothing.

To help you decide against the midst of the multitude of choices you have, we’ve put together a list of gifts you might want to consider for your loved ones at Beautiful Black Hills Clothing.


  1. In 2020 there’s nothing that says you care and love someone more thanbuying them one mask or twenty masks. Every mask can deliver a different message, but all of them say you care. 
  2. No matter what age the woman in your life is or a wife, mother, girlfriend, or daughter, Beautiful Black Hills Clothing has you covered. The jewelry collection is stunning, simple, charming, bold, and fun. 
  3. Every kid wants to represent bold, classy, strong, or feminine. Sometimes they want to represent all those traits together. No matter the season, Beautiful Black Hills Clothing has the kid’s apparel you’ve been waiting for with their 2020 South Dakota and Little Explorer Clothing selection.
  4. Come one and all gifts are represented in the Beautiful Black Hills Clothing Hoodies Collection. You can select from Holiday cheer to Classy warmth and style with one of a kind hoodies.
  5. The Christmas Collection at Beautiful Black Hills Clothing brings you glitter and gold with the rich red of the season. Don’t miss out on purchasing the colors, designs, and classic holiday looks for your family and friends. 
  6. It may be hot toddy time by the fire now, but give it a few weeks, and you’ll need some fun, casual, rugged T-shirts for the men and boys in your family


Beautiful Black Hills Clothing understands that almost 70% of online retail shoppers abandon their carts if extra costs like shipping are present when they get to checkout. That’s why Beautiful Blackhills Clothing is offering you free shipping, and all you need to do is purchase $50 or more. No matter where you live in the United States, we will get your order to you so your holiday season will be one of joy, giving, and happiness.




Everyone needs to have the opportunity to give and receive during this holiday season. What better way to provide that - than offer up some of the majestic South Dakota landscapes likeMount Rushmore or the beautiful black hill designs and styles.

Magic doesn’t often happen in life, but when it does, you can find it at Beautiful Blackhills Clothing, where joyful presents for family and friends await you. So spread the love to one and all and bundle up your Christmas gifts by starting with one of a kind designs at Beautiful Blackhills Clothing!