January 16, 2021 4 min read

You may not recognize the world you live in today, but you still need to sustain and grow your customer based for your retail store. There has been a paradigm switch in long-accepted social norms, and those changes have had an impact on the definition of retail sales models and strategy. You know your customers depending on you being able to manage customer accounts, initiate engagements, offer the best clothes at the best prices and keep up with this new world order. 

It is also true almost all retail customers know there will be long term business effects on retail sales and retail store options due to the COVID19 virus. But no one knows what those effects will be. What is absolute is that retail sales, businesses and customers will be experiencing the effects for months if not a year or more, no matter where you live and work. 

Anything strategized and put together before COVID 19 must be re-worked todetermine if they are attainable. Read on if you're interested in knowing more about the restructuring, customer impact, and how Beautiful Blackhills Clothing is growing and giving customers the clothing, accessories, PPE, holiday wear and more that they need and want.


Business Effects of COVID-19

Beautiful Blackhills Clothing is offering new and unusual growth and development clothing and accessory opportunities to their customer base due to COVID-19. Beautiful Blackhills Clothing did a study and found the business effects of COVID-19 in the retail sector brought huge shopping changes and that you need to look no further than customer behavior. The changes in customer behavior have a direct bearing on digital selling trends. What customer behavior was prior to COVID-19 and what it now has two contrasting behaviors and attitudes.


Retail Sales Transformation Needs

The changes in customer behavior mean you need your retail sales to be transformed. Companies are on what's calledthe digital inflection point, which means their B2B retail sales operations will appear quite different, moving forward than it did previously. What happens in almost every crisis event almost since the beginning of time is there is an unmasking of new leaders. 

It is the new leaders that work at finding a way to all be on the same page and rising to the same goals to sustain profitability. Leaders have a way of rising to the top during a crisis. It is almost never the calm and simple times that create strong and goal-oriented leaders.

It is also during times of crisis that tough decisions are made, and new paths are created that were never part of your retail sales equation previously. The retail sales leader in this new world of retail sales is Beautiful Blackhills Clothing. Beautiful Blackhills Clothing has risen to the top through the new paradigm after COVID-19. Beautiful Blackhills Clothing offer a prime opportunity for remote shopping customers who are continuing onwards and forwards, so they can obtain their clothing and accessory needs in innovative ways that save them money and time.


New Retail Sales Model - Web Retail Sales/Remote

Beautiful Blackhills Clothing uses digital interaction with customers. The digital interactions include but aren’t limited to, blogs, vlogs, marketing pieces, etc. into the web retail sales model. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, over 90% of retail sales are now being acquired through remote web retail sales models.

Interestingly, three-quarters of consumers want and expect brands to personalize their buying journey, yet 61% are disappointed with retail business branding responses. Most consumers perceiving companies are not customizing their online experience, but if they did, 73% said it would impact their future buying behavior.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has significant business effects on retail sales businesses and Beautiful Blackhills Clothing has come up with new and innovative ways to manage and grow their retail business and satisfying customers, retail selections and options with personalized and unique retail sales tactics.


The Economic Scenario's Impact on Business During COVID-19

One of the unknowns in determining the economic scenario's impact on business is the slow burn impact. Slow burn impact is where are unintended consequences that tip over a retail business or industry sector unexpectedly. Right now, the worst-case scenario for business on a global level is there will be a deep global recession that will take structural business years to recover from.

In managing your retail sales businesses, you want to be proactive and visionary like Beautiful Blackhills Clothing is by creating the future retail purchasing model in the sales sector for customers. You can do this in various ways, but if you are going to go in with a restructuring, revitalizing, and innovative retail sales model it is important you include:

• Digital marketing and the value of e-learning, sharing, and meetings
• Create and use more virtual retail sales teams and find a way to integrate it with what your retail customers want and need.

Try to use more online communication and remote working if possible.


The Way Forward

Retail sales businesses must diversify their sales model so customers can find them, use them and buy from them. This is the COVID-19 lessons learned forretail businesses. Beautiful Blackhills Clothing found that by using virtual tools and investing in their customers by creating and implementing new tactics and strategies that they were able to grow and give customers what they wanted.

Check out Beautiful Blackhills Clothing on Facebook, Etsy, online and other social media platforms. When you want a a retail store that cares and is a fashion partner who is strong enough to help their customers find what they need and wise enough to know every change brings new possibilities.